How to: PHP extension with Nix

How to: PHP extension with Nix
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Was working on porting most of our docker images at work to building them using nix [check this for more info] and found one of our older images in need of some love.

As it happens it contained ext-dbase, a php extension that has no package in nixpkgs. Dbase is such an old and odd little thing, it is a sort of Excel file combined with some sqlite abilities. Something that came from another era entirely.

Since it is that old I see no reason for me to add it to nixpkgs so how would I go to build it just for me?

Surprinsingly, Nix loves php. So it is pretty straight forward if the darn thing is in PECL. I wanted to share this in case some other bloke looking for a dbase fix stumbles upon this somehow:

# php.nix
{ pkgs ? import <nixpkgs> { }, php}:
with pkgs;
  dbase = php.buildPecl
    rec {
      pname = "dbase";
      version = "7.1.1";

      src = fetchFromGitHub {
        owner = "php";
        repo = "pecl-database-dbase";
        rev = "ba33dfe16f13c2093d19f93deb316390151aa729";
        sha256 = "djtRnx5rFGkRzs/Jai8m5zCBkJtHk1xZmJ0fra7EXeY=";

      buildInputs = [ libuv ];

      meta = with lib; {
        description = "Interface to dbase for php";
        license = licenses.php301;
        homepage = "";
        maintainers = teams.php.members;
        platforms = platforms.linux;
php.buildEnv {
  extensions = ({ enabled, all }: enabled ++ (with all; [

Then, instead of the php package you normally use, use the above to create a derivation based on the php version you want with your extension enabled:

php82WithDbase = import ./php.nix { php = pkgs.php82; };

That's it! Very simple.



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